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Welcome to COMMAND your CROWN


A Weight Loss Plan With the Support You Need

COMMAND Your CROWN’s Online Weight Loss Coaching

COMMAND Your CROWN is an online weight loss coaching and support program that implements our life-changing 4M method. The 4M’s are: Motivation, Movement, Meals, and Mindset. This program was designed by women for women to help them lead a fabulous lifestyle while helping them lose weight and re-train their brains to keep that weight off. Our coaches, better known as The Queenz, will be here to help you every step of the way, acting as your own personal support system. Plus, once you’re ready, you can reclaim YOUR crown and become a Queen too with our 4M method! Here’s how it all works.



When you sign up for our 4M program, you get one-on-one coaching and daily check-ins. This is your Motivation. Our coaches will help guide you through your weight loss journey, helping you find the motivation behind your desire to lose weight. We’ll offer you the best tips on how to stay on track while living your life as you normally would. We know that temptations may be omnipresent but we will be here to help keep you motivated.


We will also distribute exercise plans that are specifically designed to help women cut stubborn fat. These exercise plans are your Movement. We won’t force you to sign up for a gym membership; all of our exercise plans are completely doable from home. Exercise is an essential factor of weight loss, plus it will help you sustain a healthier lifestyle overall. We’ll help push you forward if any challenges or feelings of doubt may arise.



You’ll also receive amazing, healthy recipes, meal plans, and grocery lists. These are your Meals. Our coaches developed these food lists especially for women so that you can reap the benefits of healthy eating, without having to sacrifice flavor or hunger. In addition, we’ll give you a daily meal journal so that you can keep track of all the food you’re consuming and can see if there’s a pattern of unhealthy eating habits.


Finally, our coaches will help you keep the weight you lose off. This is your Mindset. As you start staring down success in the mirror, we don’t want you to lose your newly developed healthy mindset. We offer support and accountability on our private Facebook group so that women can share their stories and keep others in that same mindset that got them where they are in the first place.


COMMAND The Life You Desire

Starting a healthy lifestyle is fun and accessible with our online weight loss and healthy lifestyle community! Lose the weight for good, feel inspired, and get your sexy back with the 4WEEKS to FABULOUS program using The 4M Method. The 4M Method delivers real results for real people.

By combining community support, one-on-one coaching, easy, healthy meal plans, weekly fitness plans, and more, we help you achieve sustainable weight loss and a healthier you. Jump-start your journey with the 4WEEKS to FABULOUS program. After that, maintain your insanely fab lifestyle with our monthly Royal Membership.

Achieve Lasting Results with

The 4M Method



Receive support and encouragement to achieve your personal goals.



Get engaging workouts that will benefit you and increase your fitness level.



Discover clean eating ideas and meal plans to improve your health and lose weight.



Learn to build a positive attitude and have fun on your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Why Our Plan Works

The Queenz at COMMAND Your CROWN set out to make a weight loss program for women that didn’t include icky detox drinks, diet shakes, or fad exercise equipment — you know, and we know that these are not long-term solutions. We started with ourselves and discovered that the 4M’s — Motivation, Movement, Meals, and Mindset — are the key factors to weight loss due to our complete change of outlook on what success really means. While one or two of the M’s may work on their own, together they helped us regain our thrones as fabulous women. The best way for us to share our discoveries was with an online weight loss coaching program since we wanted to help women all over the country. In just four weeks, you can live a fabulous life, too with our 4M Method. Read testimonials and view our before and after gallery from real clients who followed the 4M Method and were able to transform their lives. If they can do it, so can you! View our plans and pricing and then sign up today to get started.


Keep Me Accountable 4Week Challenge

4WEEKS to FABULOUS is a 28-day program to help you launch a healthy, inspired lifestyle.


Are you ready to get a JUMPSTART to feeling fit & fabulous? In just 2 weeks you will be well on your way and LOVE your results!


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