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Who we are


Who are we? We are moms, career professionals, business owners, and — most importantly — women just like you! We are three friends who decided we wanted an insanely fab lifestyle. We wanted to feel inspired again, lose weight, feel better about ourselves and focus on our health. We knew we needed to make some significant changes to get there. “Change your mind, change your life!” Right? Between us, we had tried starting a healthy lifestyle using every method under the sun with no lasting results. So, with former backgrounds as a registered nurse, naturopath and professional athlete. We decided to combine our knowledge and develop our very own 4WEEKS to FABULOUS: the 4M Method! Instead of giving up or giving in, we decided to COMMAND our CROWNS!

Denise — Co-Founder

I’m an Italian-American girl who was born in New York but lives in Las Vegas! Knowing me now, you wouldn’t believe I was a fragile child. Yes, I was born with a congenital heart defect, had open heart surgery and never participated in physical activities. I somehow managed to stay a petite girl in spite of my family’s ability to cook like gourmet chefs! After giving birth to my son, I lost my pregnancy weight. Yet years later, my thyroid stopped functioning and I blew up! I mean, 60 extra pounds on a 5-foot frame! That’s when I took a ride on the diet roller coaster. I was drinking shakes and eating mainly rice, working with a personal trainer and trying pre-wedding diets — nothing worked!

I threw all my nursing knowledge and life wisdom to the wind in hopes of finding a weight-loss miracle! After so many failed attempts, years of stress and suffering. I finally regained my sanity. With the help of my dear friends/fellow Queenz, I found clarity and focus! Together, we declared our commitment to lose weight, improve our health, and create a fab lifestyle. We combined our skills and experiences to develop the 4M Method. We knew it would take the right Motivation, Movement, Meals and Mindset to produce lasting results. We followed that path, and voila! What’s even more exciting is that we shared the 4M Method with family, friends, and neighbors. We witnessed their success as well! Now it is your turn to join the COMMAND your CROWN community and command your health, your beauty and your magic! We welcome you with open arms — no judgement, just love.


Holly — Co-Founder

When I was 15 years old, I was 5’10” and weighed 185 pounds. I have always been heavier than I wanted to be. I had difficulty shopping for clothes that I looked and felt good wearing. Over the past 20 years, I have tried many diets. I worked with weight-loss doctors and even hired my own personal trainer. I was never satisfied with any of my results. I have always been active, with the exception of setbacks from car accidents that limited my movement. For the majority of my life, I weighed between 168 to 185 pounds. A couple of my friends and I were fed up with yo-yo dieting, so we decided that we needed to take control of our health. We all wanted to shed unwanted weight and figure out how to keep it off. This ultimately resulted in us developing 4WEEKS to FABULOUS, The 4M Method. Our very own online weight loss and healthy lifestyle community to help others achieve their success!

I have personally exceeded my own expectations by maintaining a weight I have not seen in over 25 years. I am so excited! I have gone down one dress size and I feel fabulous at 153 pounds. I can honestly say the lifestyle changes were not difficult. I don’t have to count calories or starve myself. The 4M Method has delicious meal ideas, I can eat out at restaurants and attend social events while still maintaining my goal weight. The 4M Method has plenty of options for those who don't like to cook. We set out to customize a program that would work with REAL lifestyles, so we can still be our REAL selves! The best news is that I have no inflammation in my joints and feel healthier than I have in years. We invite you to sign up for “4WEEKS to FABULOUS.” Join us and COMMAND your CROWN.


Gina— Co-Founder

You can take the girl outta Jersey, but — well, you know! A Jersey girl transplanted to Vegas. I’m a full-time wife, mom, VP, friend and aspiring philanthropist! I’m a former athlete (professional dancer/choreographer) and healthy weight was a prerequisite for my career. Once I moved into the corporate side of the entertainment industry and spent most of my time at a desk, the weight just crept up on me. Before I knew it, I was carrying way too much weight. I tried it all — paleo, keto, Atkins, WW, Jenny, Nutri-System — without lasting results. I would get short-term results, but before I knew it, the weight was back. That’s when we developed “4WEEKS to FABULOUS,” the 4M Method!

We decided to put together a plan utilizing the necessary elements for lasting weight loss and a fabulous, healthy lifestyle! We’ve come to realize that a person needs to incorporate these four elements to achieve lasting results: Motivation, Movement, Meals and Mindset. These elements, along with community and accountability have changed not only my life and body, but the lives of our clients as well! Join us and COMMAND your CROWN.


Marianne — Fitness Coach

Marianne is one of the best dance and fitness instructors in the Northeast!

She is the owner and president of M’ FIERCE FITNESS, a state-of-the-art fitness and dance studio. Her focus on health and wellness is not just her passion, it is her lifestyle. Marianne became a certified Precision Nutrition Health and Lifestyle Coach in 2017. She is now part of the COMMAND your CROWN team, challenging our clients in the “4WEEKS to FABULOUS” program. Marianne is changing lifestyles, mindsets and body images everyday. She is our badass coach extraordinaire!

AchiEve LASTING Results with THE

4M Method



Receive support and encouragement to achieve your personal goals.



Get engaging workouts that will benefit you and increase your fitness level.



Discover clean eating ideas and meal plans to improve your health and lose weight.



Learn to build a positive attitude and have fun on your journey to a healthy lifestyle.