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How It Works

Royally Simple Online Weight Loss Coaching for Women

Attention Queenz

Reclaim Your Throne and Command Your Crown!

Think you want to lose weight? Think again! You want more — and we're here to give it to you! Our online weight loss coaching is your VIP ticket to the fabulous lifestyle you’ve always wanted. We use real food, real fitness, and a real community to give women the physical and emotional resources they need to get REAL lasting results. You will get the confidence, happiness, motivation, and energy to make the most of every day. We’re here to help you take back control and have a FABULOUS lifestyle.

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With COMMAND your CROWN online weight loss coaching, you get:

  • Everything you need in one personalized weight loss plan
  • One-on-one coaching and daily check-ins
  • Daily meal journal review and guidance
  • Specially designed exercise plans for women
  • Easy, healthy meal plans and grocery lists
  • Tips to stay on track while entertaining, dining out, and celebrating
  • Weight loss support and accountability from our private Facebook group


One-on-one and community support and accountability



Focus on fitness that evolves with your lifestyle



Healthy, flexible recipes, meal plans, and grocery lists



Shift your attitude towards positivity and confidence

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Let’s get real — detox teas, diet shakes, and fad exercise equipment aren’t long-term solutions. That’s why we focus on what we call The 4Ms: motivation, movement, meals, and mindset. When you incorporate each of these components, you can positively change the way your mind and body work instead of fighting against them. With COMMAND your CROWN, you’re not just losing weight, you’re transforming your lifestyle.

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We’re COMMAND your CROWN co-founders Denise, Holly, and Gina, three women who wanted something better for themselves. Just like you, we’ve experienced our own unique journeys when it comes to health, wellness, and weight loss. Whether you’ve struggled with your weight or lifestyle since you were a teen, after pregnancy, or into your midlife, one of us has probably been in your shoes. We’ve found our fabulous, and we’re so excited to help you find yours. 

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Join COMMAND your CROWN for just $198 to get all of the start-up material and connect with your coach to define your goals. Then it’s only $39.95 per month! If you just want the material without our personal online weight loss coaching, grab the Jumpstart plan for $49.95.

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