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Video Testimonials

Blood Work Drastically Improved!

Gina, NV. I've tried it all with little to no results. I have lost 26 lbs and drastically improved my blood work results on the "4 Weeks To Fabulous" Challenge!

Wow I Lost 50 lbs!

Donna, NV. I knew I needed to lose some weight and had not been successful in the past. Some friends suggested COMMAND your CROWN and their challenge. With the support of the "4 Weeks to Fabulous" community I exceeded all my expectations! I focused on 10lbs at a time and WOW I lost 50 lbs and surpassed my initial goal ! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

Loses weight and restores health!

Denise, NV. Lost over 20 lbs while traveling the world, dealing with stress and overcoming health issues.

Lowest weight in over 25 years!!!

Holly, NV. Lost weight, exceeded her expectations despite her physical limitations and social calendar.

Together we lost 50 lbs! Still losing it!!!

Mandy, Zhanna & Crystal, PA. We could not be happier with our progress. We learned about clean eating, accountability and loved the motivation from everyone in our group.

Thrilled with weight loss results from The 4M Method!

Terry, PA. Happy with what I have learned about myself and body. I believe the weight loss is sustainable. The 4M Method works… Love the support from everyone!

Before & Afters

Holly B&A
Denise B&A