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4Weeks to Fabulous


The 4M Method


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The Simple Essentials for a Fabulous Lifestyle

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Attention Queenz

Our Method Is Transformative, Not Temporary

Welcome to the 4M Method, fellow queenz. We’re excited to help you learn more about our approach to one-on-one online weight loss coaching at Command Your Crown, and the 4M Method is a huge part of that! Our program works because there are no “special” diets, products, drinks, or equipment that you need to buy. It’s real guidance that works for real women. We know you don’t want to be on a diet forever, which is why we’re going to help you start living your life instead.


One-on-one and community support and accountability


Focus on fitness that evolves with your lifestyle


Healthy, flexible recipes, meal plans, and grocery lists


Shift your attitude towards positivity and confidence


M1: Motivation

Motivation isn’t a one-time spark, it’s more like a constant current that helps keep you afloat. Our online weight loss coaching is all about giving you one-on-one and group support through personal video chats with us and by making connections with other women on our private Facebook group.

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M2: Movement

No matter your starting point, you can incorporate physical activity into your day. We will provide workout tips and exercise ideas to help you find a sustainable way to stay active, and we encourage you to try new things, too. Our goal is to help you feel confident while feeling the burn!

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M3: Meals

You never have to diet again — seriously. Part of our online weight loss coaching is helping you build a healthy relationship with healthy food. You don’t have to spend money on fancy meal kits or questionable frozen “food” — you can get everything you need at your local grocery store! We’ll also provide recipes, grocery lists, and smart swaps while celebrating and dining out.

Find My Meals

M4: Mindset

The 4Ms are about cultivating a lifestyle, not just getting in shape. We’ll help you tend to your outer and inner self as we coach you in ways to foster a positive attitude, set expectations, bounce back from mistakes, and fulfill your fabulous passions. Our one-on-one sessions and Facebook group will support you at every milestone!

Find My Mindset M4

Pick a Plan to Experience The 4M Method

We’re so excited to join you on your journey to a fabulous lifestyle! We know it’s not easy, but making the choice to begin is a major step forward. We’ve done this ourselves, so we know that while it may be challenging, it is definitely doable — and insanely worth it. You can COMMAND your CROWN and create the lifestyle you want, it just takes the right support! Our ongoing monthly weight loss coaching includes plenty of resources and guides, or you can choose our do-it-yourself Jumpstart plan that includes all the materials and no one-on-one coaching. Choose your plan today or contact us with any questions!


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Acheive LASTING Results with the

4M Method



Receive support and encouragement to achieve your personal goals!



Gain inspiration and get tips on workouts that will benefit you and your fitness level



Get help on clean eating ideas to improve your health and obtain weight-loss goals.



Help you obtain a positive attitude and have fun while achieving  your success.